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The Glowing Hearts Community Give & Get Centres is a Registered Charity founded by Frank Nelson in August, 2016. The centres provide donated adult, youth and baby clothing, toiletries, shoes, boots, blankets, toys, household products and many other items for FREE to those in need in the local community. The focus is on those who are homeless, seniors and low income individuals and families trying to make ends meet. Those who make financial donations $20 or more will receive a tax deductible receipt. The centres operate with an Executive Director and dedicated volunteers and all funding goes towards paying rent, utilities, insurance and other operating and facility related costs. For the first five months of operation the Barrie Centre's estimated Social Return on Investment (SROI)  was15.2 to 1. For every dollar donated approximately $15.20 worth of social value went back into the local community.

Frank's Story

In July 2010, Frank was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and underwent surgery twice, five weeks of radiation and 6 months of chemotherapy. After treatment, Frank remained in remission for 22 months, however, in October, 2013 the cancer returned and had metastasized, spreading to his pelvic area.  Four weeks prior to his cancer returning, Frank was laid off. It was certainly a low point in his life. Frank subsequently decided to retire to focus on spending more time with his family, his treatment and to do something different with the remaining time in his life.

In January 2014, his doctors informed him that a cure was no longer possible. So for a few months Frank reflected on what he wanted to do with the remaining part of his life. In March 2014, Frank was watching the Ellen DeGeneres show and was inspired by Ellen helping those going through difficult life challenges. So he said to himself, “why can’t I do a smaller version of that?”

In March 2014, Frank gathered his family together and told them he was creating a bucket list focused on helping others in need and wanted to start off by giving a complete stranger a $1,000. His daughter Cindy suggested he start a Facebook Group to reach out to family, friends and even strangers to help him give away the $1,000 to someone in need.

Frank decided to call the Facebook group “Paying It Back” to signify his desire to give back for all of the good things that have happened and pay tribute to those who helped him in his life. In the first two weeks Frank received 38 submissions and more than 500 people joined his group.

Today the Facebook Group “Paying It Back” has more than 11,000 members and 15 sponsors that have or are helping Frank work towards the completion of his bucket list. He is so grateful for the many family, long time and new friends he has come to know along the way.

Please join Frank’s group Paying It Back and follow him on his bucket list journey reaching out to help others going through very difficult life challenges. You can watch more than forty videos of Frank surprising others and creating happy moments on his “You Tube Channel”.

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