Clinical Trials Advocate

I am honoured and proud to be a patient advocate for clinical trials. I participated in a clinical trial focused on chemotherapy treatment in 2011 but was later removed for a medication that was better suited to my prognosis.

It worked and I was in remission for 22 months before the cancer had spread to my pelvic area and deemed terminal. Many of us cancer patients today are experiencing the benefits from those who participated in clinical trials in the past.

If circumstance were such that I was a candidate for another clinical trial I would participate without hesitation. A different version of paying it back but I truly believe clinical trials will provide a crucial path towards finding a cure.

For active trials at the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre, visit Ontario Cancer Trials Website.

Ontario Canadian Cancer Trial or Contact Oncology Clinical Trials Team at (905)895-4521 ext. 2073


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