Song: Hope It To Be

Hope it to be Last November, I wrote the lyrics to a song called Hope it to be” All of the proceeds from "Hope It To Be" will be donated to Marnie's Studio at Toronto's SickKids Hospital until they reach their financial project goal. Please share.

Meeting so many beautiful people during my bucket list journey for the past two years was the inspiration for the song.

The verses reflect some of the difficult personal and societal struggles that many of us have battled and/or are still going through. The chorus suggests ”inclusion for all” and that God receives our love and prayers and will set us free whether we pray in a Church, Synagogue, Temple, Mosque or even alone in our living room.

I hope the song is meaningful to many of you too. It is a ballad and is beautifully sung by Stephanie Howes and Scott Reid.

The music and song production is by Scott Reid, founder of LLM - Live Large Music Inc.

It is now available on iTunes for $0.99.  

It is also available on Google Play for $1.29.

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