Victoria Potter

About the Artist 

Canadian MIXED MEDIA Artist .Morningwhispers has had a great passion for art as early as a young teen. Morningwhispers is driven by touching cultural, spiritual, economical, global and humanitarian issues. 

She paints with her heart and soul and with strong conviction with hopes of reaching a wide audience on the importance of being equal and global awareness.

Morningwhispers has been in the public eye since 2007. There is universal interest in her unique art each one conveying an important message. She uses a wide array of colours and media, and uses many recycled materials to encourage the longevity of our planet.

Morningwhispers created a mission with The Common Roof New Path Inc., bringing young children and students together to paint and explore, and to remain intact with their imagination, thus allowing them to inspire the world, with music and art. Her thoughts “I have a DREAM to help our younger generation find a place within their hearts, where no peer pressure exists, a safe and contagious place to bring forth the beauty within their hearts, to encourage them about hope, determination, optimism, courage and LOVE, for this is the place our future will rise to the greatest heights”.

Morningwhispers is a Featured Artist at The Edge Gallery in Barrie, in 2011 she had several of her pieces nominated for artist of the year, one taking first in Canada.

ALL ORIGINALS © Morninghwhispers (Victoria Potter)

With Love” 
27” x 40” Mixed
Media on Canvas Framed

47x38" Mixed Media on Wood

Victoria is a former Board Member and volunteered as the Executive Director of the Glowing Hearts Community Give & Get Centre up until August 20, 2017. Her dedication and commitment to helping others at the centre was truly outstanding. 

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